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Allow us to run you through a tour of our press facility at Patel Printing. Our equipment is of state-of-the-art quality and has been imported from Heidelberg (Germany). It has been equipped with Computerized Control of Registration, Inking and Dampening.

Computer Controlled Registration, Ink-key Preset and Dampening

Precision is of topmost importance in the field of printing. Therefore, in order to perfect the precision of our printed work, we use a computerized console. This allows the minutest of adjustments to be made, so that the register is perfect before printing with proper sharpness and detail.

The computerized console does this by pre-calculating the amount of ink required on each part of the sheet, while making the plates. The information generated by the computer is then used to automatically set up the ink-keys before printing.

The main advantages of this technology are that it allows for faster and more accurate color matching. Further, wastage is also dramatically reduced.

However, it is possible to alter and manually tweak the data generated by the computer in order to customize the colors for a particular print requirement.

The console also controls the ink-water balance to ensure proper emulsification and ink-water balance.

Here are the details of the offset printers that we presently utilize for our client’s jobs:

Offset Color Size
Speed Master 52 4 14” x 20”
M Offset 2 19” x 25” (With Perfection and Numbering)
GTO 2 14” x 20” (With Perfection and Numbering)
M Offset 1 19” x 25”
GTO 1 13” x 19” (With Numbering)

Automatic Plate Loading

The Automatic Plate Loader is another valuable piece of equipment that we utilize for our printing. It works by locking the plates of each unit into position. Further, another advantage is that it will correct any manual error that may have been made by slightly misaligning the plates.

Further, computerized imposition and plate-to-plate register is made possible by perfecting the registration of the matter on the plates. This helps the first sheets be in good register with each other. This is turn saves a lot of time, because re-adjustments don’t have to be made frequently.

The benefits of implementing various technological advancements into our field are quite obvious. Hence, we at Patel Printing employ such expertise so as to able to profit our clients through the work that we deliver to them.

Here are the details of the Flexo-printing Press that we utilize:

Flexo Color Size
Mark Andy 4 10”
Aqua Flex 6 10”

Quality Control Machine

Another machine that we utilize at Patel Printing is the Quality Control Machine. It is made up of a Slitting and Inspection Machine from Roto Flex. In order to further achieve the maximum quality of results of our printing jobs, we also make use of a Gretag Densitometer and an X-Rite Spectrophotometer.

Our high-standard quality and state-of-the-art equipment reflect that we do not spare any expense towards ensuring that we provide work that is as close to perfection as possible.