A Tour of Our Pre-Press Facility


Here is a virtual tour of our state-of-the-art pre-press facilities. This will also brief you about the quality-check procedures that your projects undergo at our company.

Quality-Check Procedures

To ensure that the products we deliver are absolutely error-free, we put the client inputs through a rigorous check. Once the quality of inputs are checked and errors fixed, we move on to making any necessary improvements that may be required.

Software Technologies Applied

In order to improve the quality of inputs, procedures like image manipulation and re-touching are performed. Systems like the Apple G3 and G4 Power Macs and Pentium 4s are utilized for such purposes.

The Desktop Prepress applications that are used include software programs like Adobe PageMaker, Adobe InDesign, Quark Xpress, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia FreeHand, and Corel Draw. Processing of the client’s files is performed using PostScript (.ps & .pm) and high resolution PDFs.

Ensuring Client Approval and Satisfaction before Printing

To ensure that the delivery of products are absolutely free of any possible fault, we at Patel Printing lay a huge emphasis on sending proofs to the client for approval. This is done after the processing stage and is generally sent in the form of calibrated inkjets.

In order to maintain close matches of the colors between those that the client approves and the printed press sheet, we regularly perform a certain process called ‘calibration’ on our inkjet proffers. We also leave a lot of room for the possibility of receiving urgent job orders, where the turnaround time may be very short. In such cases, we also provide proofs to the client for checking, in the form of PDF ‘soft-proofs’.

Keeping Pace Easily in the Digital Age

It is obvious that printing technology has greatly evolved since the time of Gutenberg. And at Patel Printing, we are in tune with and apply the latest that digital technology has brought into this field.

Such digital techniques are visible in procedures that involve using fully-trapped and imposed flats with color-bars and registration marks. Other routines like creating cut and fold marks are performed and directly imaged onto calibrated Computer. It is then transferred onto Plate Systems that have been procured from Agfa in Belgium. Such technology guarantees perfect registration and sharp screens on press.

This is made possible by the application of the advanced Agfa Apogee workflow solution.

Provision for the Archiving of Client Jobs

To be able to keep a record of the history of work that was done for individual clients, we at Patel Printing have made provisions for a full-fledged archiving system. Such a provision saves a lot of time and effort as reprints of existing jobs can easily be made. Changes to existing jobs too can easily be performed before printing, by referring to the records in the client’s archives.

Although it is a stage that precedes actual printing, we at Patel Printing take the Pre-press stage very seriously, and ensure that it is beyond any inconsistency before moving to the next vital stage.