Patel Printing is proud of the integrity and reputation that it has steadily earned through the last 42 years. We have underlined clear business principles and ensure that our in-house team, partners, vendors and of course, our clients, are aware of them and work towards abiding by them.

Hand Pledging AllegianceThese are the principles that our company is guided by…

  • We will be committed to present ourselves as a company that is fair, honest and trust-worthy in all our endeavors.
  • Our customers are our key concern. Hence, we will always ensure that we strive to produce extremely high levels of customer satisfaction. Further, we will constantly move towards guarantying that our work goes beyond the client’s expectations.
  • To ensure that we have the best in-hand work force available, we will train and develop the skills of the individuals we recruit. It will also be ensured that each person be given an equal opportunity to rise, according to his/her accomplishments, within our company.
  • With regard to the welfare of our employees, we will work to the best of our knowledge and abilities to ensure that they are treated with complete fairness in terms of their remuneration and compensation provided. As a fair and objective company, we will also encourage open lines of communication between our employees and ourselves.
  • We will also constantly strive to perform the duties and present ourselves as a socially responsible company that is truly concerned with the people and environment around us.