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Shopping Bots for Retailers: Everything You Need to Know by The Social Proxy

best shopping bots

Seeing the popularity of the Snaptravel bot, it can be regarded as the best online shopping bot. A virtual waiting room is a page where customers and bots are redirected when there’s an unusual spike of traffic on a website. You’ll still be able to buy the item you want, it’s just that you’ll have to wait a bit. Not to sound like a broken record, but again, it depends on what you want to buy and how much of it.

best shopping bots

Certainly empowers businesses to leverage the power of conversational AI solutions to convert more of their traffic into customers. Rather than providing a ready-built bot, customers can build their conversational assistants with easy-to-use templates. You can create bots that provide checkout help, handle return requests, offer 24/7 support, or direct users to the right products. Now that you know almost everything about the best online shopping bots, you must find an excellent chatbot builder available online and create one for your business.

Improve customer satisfaction

There are no legal restrictions now, of course, but many retailers aren’t exactly happy with them. Shopping bots belong to what Gartner calls Internet market spoilers, but bots have the potential to spoil the consumer’s holiday shopping experience, too. One of the more interesting aspects of a bot search is that you can see the enormous price range on products. The search for “King of the World” turned up one company that was selling the book for $25, double the Shopping.com price. While it’s cheaper to use data center proxies, they aren’t very reliable and often end up with bans. This is because websites that release high-demand products are well aware of bots and easily identify them if they’re using a data center IP.

best shopping bots

But with more and more shoppers heading online, tools like these should proliferate, she said. The service is also not as easy as having that friend whisper in your ear, said Rebecca Nidositko, analyst at the Yankee Group in Boston. Consumers still have to download an application and install it, something many newcomers may be reluctant or unable to do, she said.


It’s as simple as ordering a list of if-then statements and writing canned responses, often without needing to know a line of code. Helplama can provide you with an optimized mix of ‘bot+human’ interaction, providing a high-quality customer service experience for your customers. Gorgias is a Shopify bot that gives you a complete solution for customer support of your Shopify store. Sneaker bots can be a headache for your Shopify store because your actual customers lose their chance to grab their limited edition products, which may lead to their frustration. However, the good news is that Shopify Plus is already equipped with an in-built bot protection tool. Since an automatic Shopify checkout bot buys products within seconds, it prevents human shoppers from getting them.


Some may argue, but this bot is one of the best available sneaker bots, especially for EU stores. It has a good track record of success – over 650,000 checkouts and a really small user base. Shopping bots and builders are the foundation of conversational making online shopping more human.

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best shopping bots

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